Reading Away in K

Reading Away in K

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    Reading Away in K, is a project that is geared towards increasing student’s phonological awareness skills so they can demonstrate proficient literacy acquisition.

  • Need Represented: Phonological awareness skills is an area that we want to increase proficiency in our kindergarten students at Field Elementary. On our iReady assessment in reading, phonological awareness is an area that is slightly lower than other areas such as high-frequency words or comprehension. It is our goal to increase this. These segmenting boards would serve a tool to increase students phoneme segmentation, which is a huge part of phonological awareness and where we see students struggle the most in our whole group and small group instruction.
  • Academic Impact: Phoneme segmentation is the ability to break words down into individual sounds (for example, the learner breaks the word run into its component sounds, r, u, n.). Phoneme segmentation is essential in developing reading and writing skills. In order to read or write words, students must be able to break the word down into its component sounds and select the letters that represent these sounds. If funded, these boards will help students with phoneme segmentation at all levels. They will support students who are working on CVC words (cat, man), students working with digraphs and blends (that, shell) and students who are working with various vowel combinations (true, toy). Phoneme segmentation is an example of a phonological awareness skill, instruction in phonological awareness skills supports the acquisition of literacy. Therefore, students who have strong phonological awareness skills demonstrate better literacy skills.
  • Student Population: At Field Elementary, we have 3 kindergarten classrooms that serve 65 students all together. We have a diverse group of students with a variety of learning needs. Our students stretch across the socioeconomic continuum and come from various cultures.
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