Read, Return, Repeat

  • Project Cost: $950.03
  • Teacher Name: Tatiana Stout/Kirsten McFarland
  • School: Hillcrest High School
  • Grade Level: 9-12 / Library Media
  • Description:

    This project seeks a secure and convenient way for our students to return books. Funds from this project would provide our library with a locked book drop to be placed outside the library for safe and easy returns.

  • Planned Use for Funds: We would use the funds obtained from this grant to purchase the Demco Mobile Indoor Book Return.
  • Need Represented: As the only high school library not to have a built in book drop, we need a secure and convenient way for students to return books to the library. Three years ago, our Woodshop class was kind enough to build us a wooden box out of repurposed books which we have used as our book drop. However, this is not locked and must be kept directly beside us for security purposes. Our students need a locked book drop that can be placed outside the library and accessed when the library is closed. This book drop would keep student returns safe and provide students with the convenience of returning books anytime.
  • Academic Impact: Providing a more secure way for students to return books anytime of the day helps us place more books in the hands of our readers. Currently, students must obtain a pass from a teacher to come to the library and return a book. By placing a locked book drop outside the library, students could return books freely during passing. This not only frees up instructional time, but also provides a new convenience to the checkout/return process for our students.
  • Student Population: Hillcrest High School, which has the highest Free and Reduced lunch rate among the five Springfield high schools, has a student enrollment of roughly 1,025 students. Hillcrest serves grades 9th-12th. Most, if not all, students visit the library several times each year. This project will benefit every student as well as every staff member at Hillcrest.

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