FUNDED: Q & A with Carl

FUNDED: Q & A with Carl

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    Our class watches CNN10, hosted and written by Carl Azuz every morning as part of our morning meeting. For our end-of-year celebration, we are creating our own episode of CNN10 called 10 Minutes ‘Til Launch. This project would bring Carl Azuz into our virtual classroom for a Q & A session to help my students get more information about how Carl writes captivating news stories, balances the emotions in the stories he shares each day, and how he comes up with his signature puns at the end of each show.

  • Need Represented: This project represents the need to connect our learning with the world around us and to research and get primary source information on how to complete new tasks.
  • Academic Impact: This will give my students experience in interviewing primary sources and allow them to gather information to help them produce a product that adequately summarized their 5th grade year as virtual students in the Launch program.
  • Student Population: My students come from all over the state of Missouri, learning virtually every day and building relationships with students of many different backgrounds. My students come from over 12 different school districts in more than 20 different cities and towns across the state.
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