Purposeful Play in K

Purposeful Play in K

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    As Kindergarten teachers, we know that our children learn best through play. In the book Purposeful Play, the authors comment that “there is an argument in the world that suggests that play can happen only when work is done, yet children show us time and time again that play is the way they work.” This project will help us incorporate purposeful play into our academic learning. We will be purchasing materials that allow children to experience a variety of academic tasks within the context of play.

  • Need Represented: While our district does a wonderful job of supplying classrooms with much of the necessary resources and supplies for academic learning, we do not receive any funding for play materials. Many of the Title I sites in our district are able to use a portion of their funding to purchase the type of materials listed in this grant with their Title I funds. Because Sequiota is not a Title I site, we do not have this option for funding. We have 60+ young students who are active and eager to learn with us each day. Incorporating play into our academic learning provides our students with opportunities to engage in discussion, take risks, increase their vocabulary, solve problems, be creative, collaborate and develop emotional regulation.
  • Academic Impact: If we are able to fund this project, it will greatly impact our students in a variety of ways. We know that small children learn through play so if we are able to incorporate play-type activities into our literacy, math and content blocks, engagement will increase as well as learning. Academic as well as social/emotional skills can be strengthened through play and we want to give our students every opportunity to grow. Thank you for your consideration in providing funds for our young learners!
  • Student Population: In Kindergarten at Sequiota, we serve an awesome group of more than 60 young learners. They come to use from homes that are both diverse and unique. We are excited to have the opportunity to engage our students in academic learning through play.
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