Professional Development

Professional Development

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    My project is to attend a professional development at the Ron Clark Academy, which has received both national and international recognition for its success for creating a loving, dynamic learning environment that promotes academic excellence and fosters leadership. RCA’s Professional development for teachers is a completely unique, immersive experience where I will observe their classes in session, thus giving me a deeper understanding of their strategies for engaging students, promoting academic excellence, fostering meaningful relationships, and creating a climate and culture that promotes success for all. While there, I will also have the opportunity to engage with their staff in workshops that will teach me powerful techniques to implement in my classroom, school, and district.

  • Need Represented: The need that is represented by my request is fulfilling my passion to become the most effective teacher possible. RCA is an interactive, immersive learning experience where I would have the opportunity to observe classes and participate in dynamic workshops that will teach me how to ignite a passion for learning, provide meaningful support, encourage academic excellence, foster authentic relationships, and ensure a climate and culture where all students thrive.
  • Academic Impact: I will be able to attend different workshops that will impact my teaching strategies. Some examples of the workshops they offer include the following topics:
    Engaging all students in the learning process
    Integrating music and movement
    Creating a culture of belonging and support
    Implementing RCA classroom protocols and procedures
    Using effective questioning techniques
    Fostering relationships and rapport
    Establishing traditions and a spirit of legacy
    Maintaining academic excellence
    Involving and developing relationships with parents
    Beginning the school year and establishing procedures
    Communicating with staff, students, and parents
    Engaging students in academic discussions and collaboration
    Celebrating and uplifting students and staff
    If I am provided with this opportunity, I will be happy to share what I have learned with the staff upon my return. I know that attending this event would allow me to grow as an educator and obtain meaningful strategies to support my students, coworkers, and school.
  • Student Population: The school receives Title I funds. The school has an enrollment of 300 students. The student population is 63.8% white, 9.4% black, 49.4% male, and 59.7% of students are on free or reduced lunch (School report card, 2022).
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