Power of All

Power of All

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    The inaugural Power of All event is special education student centered event to showcase the partnership between physical education and students with disabilities. The event will occur in the spring of 2021, will be at JFK stadium and feature special education students from all 5 Springfield Public High Schools. Students with disabilities will participate in a variety of track and field events throughout the day, in addition to lawn games and other activities.

  • Need Represented: We are aiming to create an inclusive event that creates a sense of belonging for students with disabilities through the adapted physical education department.
  • Academic Impact: This project will help bring attention to students with disabilities and increase inclusivity by incorporating representatives from Missouri State and A+ student from all 5 SPS sites.
  • Student Population: The primary student population Power of All is focused on is students with disabilities, primarily in self-contained rooms. These student's are a major part of our student population at Springfield Public Schools. Disabilities of our student population include: autism spectrum, down syndrome, multiple disabilities, visually impaired, etc.
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