Parkview High School Cheerleading Gymnastic Mats

Parkview High School Cheerleading Gymnastic Mats

  • Description:

    Parkview High School Cheerleading is in need of 5 EZ Flex mats for competition purposes.
    The mats will provide a safe space for cheerleaders to stunt and practice tumbling and will also mimic the competition floor that cheerleaders using during the competitive season.

  • Need Represented: Athletics
  • Academic Impact: This project will enable the Parkview High School Cheer team to practice on a safe cheer floor thus reducing injuries from stunting and tumbling on the gym floor.
  • Student Population: Parkview High School has a 61.3% free and reduced lunch rate
    The total population of PHS is 1355--the population of students is comprised of the following race and ethnicities:
    Asian/Pacific 3.1%
    Black: 14%
    Hispanic/Latino: 8%
    Multi-Race: 3.5%
    Native American: 1.1%
    White/Caucasian: 70.3%
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