Oh Baby, We Need Self Regulation!

  • Project Cost: $589.83
  • Funded to Date: $170
  • Online Until: January 10, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Sarah Fox
  • School: Bowerman Elementary
  • Grade Level: Wonder Years
  • Description:

    Baby Doll Circle Time is a social interaction game developed by Conscious Discipline creator Dr. Becky Bailey.  I would like to implement this in my classroom in order to strengthen attachment, attunement, and social play in my students.  This approach will help students with self-regulation by the time they are school age.  Here is a video that explains it best!

  • Planned Use for Funds: Each child will need a baby doll, bottle, and blanket for this weekly circle time activity. I will use the curriculum to help plan lessons and drive my instruction.
  • Need Represented: Each year, more students need teacher support with trying to regulate their behaviors when things don’t go their way. They find it hard to build relationships with a trusted adult (attachment), engage in appropriate play with other students (initiative) and to handle disappointment (self-control). With Baby Doll Circle Time, students will be able to experience the attachment and bond they have with their families while building a secure attachment here at school with their teachers. By repeating familiar rhymes and songs to their baby doll that we already enjoy as a class, mirror neurons are firing in their little brains! Attunement is also vital, especially when thinking about how much technology is used even at a young age. Giving face-to-face social emotional interactions will build student’s ability to be aware of and responsive to others.
  • Academic Impact: Using Baby Doll Circle Time will help establish healthy development for my student’s relationships (self and others), ability to attend and motivate themselves, and how they self-regulate and manage stress. According to Dr. Bailey, what we provide to others, we receive in ourselves. So, when students are taking care of their baby, singing it songs, and feeling empathy, they are feeling loved, cared for and regulated.
  • Student Population: Wonder Years students are identified as the most academically at-risk and underexposed preschool students in Springfield Public Schools. 75-85% of the children in our program qualify for free or reduced lunch, 100% of my Bowerman students qualify for free lunch.
  • Items in this Project:

    Multi-ethnicity baby doll 4-pack (x5): $360.00
    Baby Doll Circle Time Curriculum: $55.00
    Conscious Discipline taxes & shipping: $62.25
    Baby Doll Bottles 2-pack (x10): $99.40
    Fleece blanket cut for baby blankets (x5): $12.50
    Walmart taxes: $0.68


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