No Baby Books for Teens

  • Project Cost: $750.30
  • Funded to Date: $75.00
  • Online Until: January 10, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Claudia Franks
  • School: Central High School
  • Grade Level: High School ELL
  • Description:

    We’d like to give our English Learner access to high quality books written at their level that will build the background knowledge and vocabulary needed to be successful in an academic setting.

  • Planned Use for Funds: We want to buy a set of books called the ELL Teen Literacy Library, with the accompanying audio support. This is a set of 60 books (20 titles with 3 copies of each book). This will give our students engaging books at their level to read as they learn English. The focus is on vocabulary acquisition and includes assessment and teaching support.
  • Need Represented: Our students come from all over the world. Many are not literate in English. Some are not literate in any language. We are tasked with teaching English while building background knowledge and supporting students in their academic courses. These books are high interest, low accessibility texts, with audio support. This will improve our student's speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students will also gain academic vocabulary.
  • Academic Impact: Our students are sometimes embarrassed to read books that are designed for the elementary level. Their interest level in these materials is low. This set provides academic language development in American culture and history, Environmental studies, everyday math and Science and technology. We are optimistic that these books will boost achievement across subject levels.
  • Student Population: Central High School is currently home to more than 140 English Learners. They speak over 35 different languages. Over a third are in the beginning levels of English proficiency.
  • Items in this Project:

    ELL Teen Literacy Library: $569.95
    Audio Thumb Drive: $99.95
    Shipping and Handling (12%): $80.40


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