Mountains of Reading (Fully Funded!!)

  • Project Cost: $445.20
  • Funded to Date: $445.20
  • Teacher Name: Chanelle Wentworth
  • School: Disney Elementary
  • Grade Level: Second Grade
  • Description:

    Disney Elementary will use the funds to purchase texts to support second grade classrooms during integrated units. Integrated units are when the teacher implements a learning target across the different content areas. This allows students to explore a topic through multiple lenses.

  • Planned Use for Funds: We would like to order eight sets of texts about the seven continents that will be used for research in four second grade classrooms. These texts will be nonfiction and will range in levels from 20- 28.
  • Need Represented: The need that is represented by my request are nonfiction books that are appropriate for second grade students. Many texts are often too difficult for our students to read which results in frustration and the students relying heavily on the teacher. These books will allow the students to conduct proper research and feel successful in doing so.
  • Academic Impact: Students are expected to complete a research project over one of the seven continents and locate specific key items. The books requested are not only on second grade reading level, but also contain a majority of the information that students are required to locate. These books will be a valuable resource to students while conducting their research, especially for struggling readers or those who are over stimulated by the amount of words seen on a website. Student engagement is also critical during research as it ensures students are focused on their learning. When texts are too difficult to read students can become disruptive to the learning environment. By having increased student engagement, teachers will be able to spend more of their time teaching students proper researching techniques which is an essential tool for their future learning. Also, due to the limited number of available technology and the large class sizes, having an additional resource will allow students to take turns researching in books and online.
  • Student Population: Disney has a student population of 608 students, with 29.87% of the population receiving free and reduced lunch. This grant will impact 96 students in four second grade classrooms during the 2018-2019 school year.

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