Mad Scientists at the Museum (Fully Funded!!!)

  • Project Cost: $679.60
  • Funded to Date: $681
  • Teacher Name: Erica McConnaughey and Megan Pinney
  • School: Phelps Center for Gifted Education
  • Grade Level: 2nd Grade Science
  • Description:

    A visit to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science will be an authentic learning experience for our gifted students. Students will see artifacts and exhibits that will help them make connections and deepen their learning. Students have been studying five branches of science in our Mad Scientist major unit this semester. We hope to have a field experience or guest speaker for each of the branches of science. For our study of Earth science, we are discussing rocks, fossils, erosion of land forms, and weather. Being able to visit the Missouri Institute of Natural science would help to enhance our students’ learning experience with Earth science by allowing them to practice their observations skills and put their classroom learning to use as they explore the natural wonders seen at the institute.

  • Planned Use for Funds: Funds will be used to pay for the cost of transportation from Phelps Center to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science and for the $5 admission for each student to go into the museum and participate in learning activities hosted by the museum staff.
  • Need Represented: We have 106 gifted students in our 2nd grade WINGS classes. We see a different group of students on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Our students need to be exposed to a variety of learning opportunities so that they feel challenged to learn new concepts and we can reach them at their high ability levels. We strive to give our students a different experience than what they would have at their home schools. As educators, we value field trips because it gives students the opportunity to connect learning inside the school to the outside world.
  • Academic Impact: Students will increase their skills in making observations and deductions.

    Students will increase their skills in identifying attributes.

    Students will increase their knowledge of Earth science, specifically in the realms of geology and geography.
  • Student Population: Our students come from all over Springfield and have a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. Each of our students have been identified as a gifted learner. These students do not typically get the opportunity to study many scientific concepts at their home schools. Our students need interesting, higher level thinking opportunities so that our lessons are engaging, relevant, and personal.

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