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Library on Wheels

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    My Library on Wheels project was created to make a movable, accessible, and shareable leveled library check out system for first graders. First grade is a year full of growth. According to Learning First Alliance, “when it comes to reading, the nine months of first grade are arguably the most important in a student’s schooling”. I want my students to be confident and successful readers. Having a first grade leveled library (16 different reading level options) for students to check out books to take home will allow our students to practice reading outside of the classroom at a level that challenges them but also aligns to their current reading level. I believe this will not only improve my students reading but create family engagement in the process.

  • Planned Use for Funds: This check out library will not only benefit my 24 students but also will be shared with my co-teacher and her 24 first graders. This library will be available for almost 50 students to be able to check out a book to take home that is on their reading level to read and respond to at home with their families.
  • Need Represented: In first grade, reading is such an big part of the year. First graders transition from kindergarten ready to tackle reading foundations at full force. Even with guided reading happening daily in the classroom, first graders need to keep their hands on books that challenge them but also are aligned to their reading level as much as possible. With take home books, students will not only be able to choose which book interests them but involve their families at home. This library will continue to help my students with reading fluency and encourage family involvement in the process.
  • Academic Impact: Library on Wheels will impact my students by creating family engagement and also creating better readers. The Library on Wheels will have options of books ranging from Level A- Level P giving 16 different reading level options. Students coming in from kindergarten will range in reading levels from knowing no letters/sounds to reading at a second grade level. This library cart will give students options of books that align to what they need. I will be able to challenge my struggling readers all the way to my high-flyer students by having ample amounts of levels of books to choose for them ranging from kindergarten levels up to third grade reading levels and everywhere in between.
  • Student Population: Our school has close to 500 students with about 20% receiving free or reduced lunch. My classroom and my co-teacher's classroom are filled with 48 eager, kind, and driven students. We have students that range in reading levels ranging from level A - Level K. We strive to create a positive and warm environment for our students to feel right at home at Gray.
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