Library Makeover (Fully Funded!!)

Library Makeover (Fully Funded!!)

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    I would like to give my library a “makeover” by purchasing new books that will get students excited about reading! There are several popular series that I would like to complete, as well as new graphic versions of classic novels that would get students engaged and excited! The class would work together to “level up” and unlock new books, which would promote the idea that reading is an exciting and positive activity!

  • Planned Use for Funds: I plan to use any funds I receive to go to Barnes and Noble and purchase books from my above descriptions.
  • Need Represented: Reading engagement- Students who don't have access to buying books at home are only provided with books in our classroom and at the school library. Many students have run out of books that interest them, and there is a growing interest in series and graphic novels. I teach at a Title I building, and I want my students to develop a love for literacy and a passion for reading!
  • Academic Impact: Students who are engaged when they read develop a love for literacy. These students are more likely to read on their own, which will increase their reading levels and help them as they go to middle school and high school, where reading comprehension is an even more important skill.
  • Student Population: I teach at a Title I building, and we are also an ELL site, so I serve students of poverty and non-English-speaking homes. Many of my students come into my class dreading reading, until they are introduced to some of my favorite novels that we read together. Only about 1/3 of my class reads on-grade-level, and I want students to be so excited about reading, that they take books home and read on their own! This will help close the gap for students who are struggling readers.
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