Library Books for Functional Skills Students (Fully Funded!!!)

  • Project Cost: $300.00
  • Funded to Date: $300
  • Teacher Name: Lauren Edwards
  • School: McBride Elementary
  • Grade Level: K-4 Library Media Specialist
  • Description:

    I am wanting to build a library collection of board books for our five Functional Skills students to check out during their weekly library visits. This collection would be reserved for them and would allow them to check out books just like their peers.

  • Planned Use for Funds: 100% of the funds would be used to purchase a variety of board books for the students to check out.
  • Need Represented: Our Functional Skills students don't have books in the library that they can check out. Because of the varying needs, they need books that will last through constant use and handling.
  • Academic Impact: Having constant interaction with books will help strengthen the following skills: word and number recognition, cognitive development, and reading comprehension.
  • Student Population: There are four, soon to be five, students in the Functional Skills class. They have a variety of physical and learning needs.

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