Learning with Light

  • Project Cost: $512.98
  • Funded to Date: $0.00
  • Online Until: April 12, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Erin Warren
  • School: Fremont Wonder Years
  • Grade Level: Pre-K
  • Description:

    By exposing children to a new type of learning experience where imagination is encouraged, children are able to experiment with light to learn a variety of things. Using light table materials and inquiry they may learn about colors, shapes, counting, patterning, sorting, construction, and a variety of thematic concepts. But more importantly, while this learning is taking place students will be conversing with each other, building communication skills and vocabulary.

  • Planned Use for Funds: I will use the funds to purchase the light table and manipulatives for use in a science center in my pre-k classroom.
  • Need Represented: The glow and quiet setting provided by a light table create a soothing environment in which students will learn many new things. This new learning tool will capture their attention, thus keeping engagement at a high level.
    Increased vocabulary is a necessity among early learners. By gathering around a light table with friends, many conversations will begin, enhancing communication skills.
  • Academic Impact: Students will be able to learn a variety of concepts including, but not limited to: math (sorting, counting, size order, patterning), language arts (letter identification, vocabulary, communication skills), art, construction, and various thematic topics (human body through use of xrays, sea, homes, etc.).
  • Student Population: My student population consists of up to 20 4 and 5 year olds attending school to gain kindergarten readiness skills.

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