Just Write!

Just Write!

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    For this project, I am requesting needed supplies for Writer’s Workshop in our Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms. I am asking for funding to supply writer’s notebooks, thin lined markers and unruled chart tablet paper for each classroom. Our youngest learners engage with the writing process in a fun and exciting way. Typically our students come to school with little knowledge of how to write or handle writing utensils appropriately. We use markers to keep it fun and novel. The notebooks that we use give them practice pages at the top and plenty of writing space at the bottom without the confines of lines. Teachers have the larger version of their notebooks so students can transfer their learning directly to their own notebooks. We start with letter formations and how to write their names. We then draw pictures and label them working our way to sentences. As they learn and grow, they will be introduced to lined writing paper and their notebooks will reflect that change. Our students are so creative, their stories and imaginations are on display with their writer’s notebooks.

  • Need Represented: We have a need for writing items and when this project is funded it will do just that!
  • Academic Impact: This project directly impacts our student’s academic achievement and excellence in the classroom. The notebooks allow our students to work on their writing and it gives them a chance to look back on how far they’ve come. With the writing all contained in a notebook, students will have a growing portfolio of their writing abilities. The writing lessons are relevant to students; they choose what to write about which makes it very personal. Throughout the writing lessons, students write about their lives, their favorite things and what they are learning in class. Each notebook is unique just like their creator. Students are learning the basic skills of writing which applies to all aspects of their learning. These notebooks are great tools to use in conferences and other events with parents so they can see what their child has created during their writing time.
  • Student Population: Westport is a Title One school with 90% Free and Reduced lunches. We have about 100 Kindergarten and 100 First Grade students. Our school family works together to provide the best learning environment for all of our students with the limited supplies that we have. Many of our students have Social and Emotional needs that need to be met before academics can happen. We work to the best of our abilities to assist and teach each and every one of our students.
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