Just Mindfulness Visit from JusTme (Fully Funded!)

Just Mindfulness Visit from JusTme (Fully Funded!)

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    We would like a school visit from JusTme:
    JusTme (Timothy Scott, Jr.) is a mindful hip-hop artist and mindfulness instructor from California’s Bay Area. Since 2012, he has been spreading love and insight on mindfulness and well-being. Bringing students and their families positivity, mindful practices, and well-being through his coined term, “mindful Hip-hop”.

    In 2015, JusTme collaborated with Richard Davidson’s Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to help with a study on the benefits of bringing mindfulness into elementary school classrooms. Inspired by JusTme’s musical approach, a group of 5th grade student’s at Glendale Elementary made a music video for JusTme’s “D.F.Y.L” (Don’t Flip Your Lid). This song explains the brain science on the ‘Fight or Flight response’, and how mindfulness can help a person calm that response.

    JusTme continues to study mindfulness practices through various trainings and personal exploration. JusTme continues to share his talent with students around the globe through his engaging school visits, mindful hip-hop tracks, and social media.

    JusTme featured on the cover of October 2016 Mindful Magazine.

  • Planned Use for Funds: The funds will all go directly to paying JusTme for his visit.
  • Need Represented: Our students and staff are working to improve self-regulation skills, deescalation and self-love. We have a lot of students who do not come from a family that uses healthy coping skills, and they are wired to "flip their lid" and react in extreme ways when things don't go their way. As a school we have been working hard to integrate a habit of breathing, calming ourselves down, and being in control of our bodies and emotions.
  • Academic Impact: This visit would be a huge asset to our students. Most of them are familiar with JusTme via the Youtube videos we have watched of him and his songs we have listened to. Many of our kids relate well to him, being an African American male who loves hip hop. It is vital that our students see role models who look like them and come from similar backgrounds. The cultural significance of JusTme is perfect for what our students need in order to promote this habit of mindfulness to stick with them.
  • Student Population: Our student population is about half minority racially, over 80% receive free and reduced lunches, and they live in the midtown community where crime and drug use are rampant.
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