Igniting Deep and Joyful Learning: Purposeful Play

Igniting Deep and Joyful Learning: Purposeful Play

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    Our first graders come to school every day eager to learn and have fun. Part of being successful in first grade is learning how to stay focused during lessons. In the book Purposeful Play, the authors comment that “play helps students reach standards and goals in ways that in-their-seat instruction alone can’t. Play is one type of environment where a child can be rigorous in their learning”. We are asking for oral language/play center items to offer our students an active way to be engaged and get their wiggles out so they can focus during learning time. This project will help us incorporate purposeful play into our academic learning.

  • Need Represented: While our district does an excellent job of supplying classrooms with the necessary resources and supplies for academic learning, we do not receive any funding for play materials. Many of the Title I sites in our district are able to use a portion of their funding to purchase the type of materials listed in this grant with their Title I funds. At Sequiota we do not have the funds to purchase items for play. By incorporating play into our academic learning it will provide our students with opportunities to problem-solve, increase vocabulary, improve social/emotional growth, be creative, and collaborate with their peers.
  • Academic Impact: "Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning".- Mr. Rogers
    For students to be able to learn and succeed, they need to be able to explore what they are learning through play. If we are able to fund this project, it will greatly impact our students in multiple ways; this will directly support the students’ academic growth, increase social/emotional skills, and help build stamina for learning. Thank you for your consideration in providing funds for our first-grade learners.
  • Student Population: In First grade at Sequiota, we serve an amazing and active group of 60+ young learners who are six and seven years old. Our students stretch across the socioeconomic continuum and come from various cultures. Regardless of their background, we want our students to be able to engage through play, positive strategies for managing emotions, solving problems, and staying engaged in learning. We believe by incorporating purposeful play into our classroom, our students will be able to grow socially, emotionally, and academically.
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