I like inclusive books and I cannot lie

I like inclusive books and I cannot lie

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    As a teacher to diverse learners, I am yearning to provide literature that represents all learners. When students cannot relate to the literature they are reading, they feel ignored and less valued. I would love to be able to have multicultural books that will better represent all of my students. This project is one of the many steps I am taking to better serve all of my learners and ensure equity in my classroom.

  • Need Represented: The need for books with diverse characters will make my underrepresented groups of students feel valued, welcomed, and connected to our Sherwood community. This will also promote a more welcoming classroom environment for all learners. The themes of these books address many needs we see in our world today. They promote tolerance, empathy, understanding, cultural sensitivity, and so much more.
  • Academic Impact: This project will provide multicultural literature with diverse characters. This will expose all of my learners to different cultures and help us become global thinkers. These books will reinforce many Social and Emotional skills I emphasize in my classroom. Common themes of these boos include: empathy, inclusion, culture, acceptance, and love. In a world full of divisiveness and hatred, our children need to see the beauty in being different and accepting others for their differences. I hope to use these books to make my students global thinkers that can relate to characters that may not look or think like them.
  • Student Population: I have an entire class full of students that are curious to know more about the world. I have two students that receive special education services. I have several students that qualify for free or reduced lunch. Many of my students are unique or marginalized in some form. They seek validation and representation in the books they consume. Last week one of my students asked for a book that depicted the main character in a wheelchair. I was so embarrassed to admit that I didn't have a book that matched that description. I am hoping to grow my library to better represent all of my learners so they feel valued and connected literature.
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