Holland Green Club Garden-Ready, Set, Grow

  • Project Cost: $1000
  • Teacher Name: Liz Reeves
  • School: Holland Elementary
  • Grade Level: School Garden
  • Description:

    The Holland Community Garden is a recreated atmosphere for students and staff to gain understanding of nature, have opportunities to integrate subjects using the garden area, learn how to properly plant and care for a garden, and also how to utilize the fruits of their labor. Our project is to support the ongoing care and opportunities for learning in this Ready, Set, Grow garden.

  • Planned Use for Funds: The funds will help to cover the cost of the following items and our purpose listed below:
    1. Stain the deck - we have received a donation from our PTA for the lumber to build a deck and South Haven donated the time and builders to create it. It now needs to be stained to preserve the life of the deck.
    2. Pain the entrance door/mural - On either side of our outside door, a mural will be painted - one side a picture of fall and the other, a picture of spring. The funds will aid in purchasing the paints and materials for the mural project.
    3. Unique seating - since students utilize the area during school hours, more unique seating will provide optimal areas for learning and engaging in nature.
    4. Stepping stones - stepping stones will be placed throughout the garden, representing the alphabet, for our younger students to have an opportunity to expand their learning.
    5. Pots for planting - pots will be placed throughout the butterfly garden and the vegetable garden.
    6.Flowers for butterfly garden - we want to continually provide adequate flowers to encourage butterflies to stay for students to observe and research.
    7. Butterfly houses - same as the flowers, we want to encourage butterflies to live in our garden and to provide them with adequate places to live.
    8. Birdhouses - students enjoy watching the birds and researching which birds occupy the current birdhouses, but would like to provide bigger houses to attract possible bigger birds to expand students' learning.
  • Need Represented: The need that is represented is the educational enhancement and continued education for students. It gives the opportunity for students to experience nature and learn more about gardening, but also that is sparks an interest in some students to make it a lifelong love.
  • Academic Impact: Providing year-long opportunities to experience the joy of gardening, re-purposing items to support STEAM in the classroom and ignite a spark of life-long passion for gardening and nature.
  • Student Population: Our current enrollment is 276. 75% of our enrollment is White, 9.5% is Hispanic, 10.3% is Black, and 2.3% is Asian.

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