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    At Cowden we have a school to table garden that the students, teachers and the master gardener have built over the past two school years. The garden includes vegetables, fruit trees, and a variety of herbs and flowers. Due to the school year schedule, we now have a need to be able to produce plants from seedlings in a greenhouse. Our school has the perfect location for a greenhouse, a courtyard area accessible only from within the school for safety purposes. Our goal is to be self sufficient in growing from seeds the produce for students/families to eat. This is a life lesson for our students and entire Cowden community. We have been working with the districts Master Gardener on direction and recommendations.

  • Need Represented: The Greenhouse will help kids learn how to become self reliant by learning how to produce fresh food. They will learn how to start plants, transplant them into an outdoor environment and harvest seeds to use the next year. The greenhouse will teach our kids how to work independently and as a team to complete the task given.
  • Academic Impact: A greenhouse will provide the students at Cowden the opportunity to actually move from only learning Science from books to learning science through actually doing the concepts they are learning about. The students will learn the life cycle of various plants and how the weather impacts the growth and production of food. Having a school garden gives the students hands on activities for learning science concepts such as the parts of a plant, checking ph of water, dissecting seeds, how photosynthesis happens and how a plant works and is able to grow and thrive.
  • Student Population: At Cowden we are a Title 1 school with on average we have 300-350 students in classes each day. Our students are made up of a mix of socio-economic students with over half of our students qualify for Free and Reduced lunches. We also are enriched with a diverse population of cultures and abilities. We have many students that attend lessons with our ELL teacher and Cowden has embraced two district CSS program classes into their school.
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