GHS Robotics New Parts

  • Project Cost: $916
  • Funded to Date: $1180 Fully Funded!
  • Online Until: February 27, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Betsy Cannella
  • School: Glendale
  • Grade Level: 9-12 STEM
  • Description:

    We are in the middle of our fourth season competing with FIRST Tech Challenge and the FIRST robotics international organization. Glendale Robotics club is comprised of 9-12 grade students who work hard to develop a team and robot to compete each year. We work hard to design, build, and program robots but we also have set up a tutoring service and the SPS Print Shop within our program too. We want to serve all of our community as best we can.
    This year we as a group have raised a little over $2000 but in order to compete at a high level we have realized that we need to update some of our electronics which come at a high price. Throughout the season we have tried to use the pieces that we have but some of them are beginning to fail us as they are in their third and fourth years of hard use.

  • Planned Use for Funds: Each of these pieces purchased will go to replacing the older parts on our robots. This would allow is to not only use the old pieces but start adding in the new ones as the older ones die out. These new pieces are proven to have a life span twice that of the other pieces, so they should last us 5-6 years before wearing down. These use of the pieces can be used in multiple classes and our after school program.
  • Need Represented: Our need for these funds is to help purchase new robotics electronics to ensure that we are able to compete at the top of our game as well as show students in the classroom how we can build and program pieces with different platforms. This will provide another opportunity for both sets of students to see new technology and how it is put into play in the real world.
  • Academic Impact: This will greatly impact the students in the STEM world at Glendale due to the new and improved electronic pieces. We use these in our after school program but I also use these robots to demonstrate things within my PLTW Engineering classes as well. Some of the concepts that FIRST promotes translate across all disciplines.
  • Student Population: I currently have 18 students on the Glendale Robotics team ranging from 9-12 grade students. However I also use these pieces in my classes where I have on average 60-75 students a semester who will use these materials.

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