Get it Together & Talk About It

Get it Together & Talk About It

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    I want to create a calm down room for the Shady Dell Early Childhood Center. I would like materials that first give the students various ways to calm their body down, such as a hammock swing, and a crash pad. Some students will want a quiet place to relax and get their feelings under control while others will need some sensory play to calm. In preschool, we place a high emphasis on teaching self-regulation. By creating an environment with materials that provide support when coming down from big emotions and feeling our students will learn ways to self-regulate in a safe manner. After the students calm themselves we look for items that provide calming play to discuss our feelings and how we can better handle our big emotions. The materials that are being requested are materials that can be used for several years and will benefit students for several years.

  • Need Represented: Learning to self-regulate is a difficult skill for preschoolers to master. By using materials that are interesting to students, this will enable me to create a calming and safe environment where students feel free and are encouraged to talk about and regulate their own feelings.
  • Academic Impact: This project will allow all students at Shady Dell Early Childhood Center a calming space with materials that can be used to help regulate their feelings. By teaching students to self-regulate they will be able to spend more time in their prospective classroom learning skills that will better prepare them for kindergarten.
  • Student Population: We serve 4 and 5-year-olds who will be going to kindergarten next year. We serve based on needs first and typically have around 180 students in our building. Due to this year's circumstances, we have around 80 students. We have a diverse student population at Shady Dell that can all benefit from a safe place to talk.
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