Flex for Success

  • Project Cost: $498.61
  • Funded to Date: $498.61 Fully Funded!
  • Online Until: April 17, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Julia Armstrong
  • School: Pipkin Middle School
  • Grade Level: 6th Grade Social Studies
  • Description:

    Our classroom is in need of quality flexible seating for our learning experiences! This project will allow for student flexibility within our classroom and find what works best for them while they are accomplishing our goals! I started small with my flexible seating and students have requested more. When given these types of seating choices, my students have been on task and motivated to earn the privilege to have flexible seating options.

  • Planned Use for Funds: By having alternative seating in the classroom students are free to make a choice of which seating arrangement is best for their learning. By giving them a choice I am helping them begin to learn how to make appropriate choices to make them more successful in the classroom. This also helps reduce the amount of behavior problems that can happen in the classroom. By having alternative seating students have their own space to spread out and have room to work. Having alternative seating also helps with engagement. By having higher engagement students will be more successful.
  • Need Represented: We are requesting 6 heavy duty, long lasting camping chairs with side tables attached and a futon for our flexible seating space.
  • Academic Impact: My classroom is full of energetic 6th graders. I encourage a lot of movement in the classroom because nobody likes to sit still. This project will help them work on their personal and class/team goals while finding the best fit of seating for their learning! I find it essential to empower my students to have choice in everything they do and this project will help to accomplish that goal!
  • Student Population: Pipkin IB World School is a Title 1 funded school with 76% of the students receiving free or reduced lunches. We are a diverse school with over 25% of our students identified as American Indian, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, or Native Hawaiian. I teach 90 6th graders each day and sponsor the following clubs that would benefit from this seating: Student Council, Ahoy Mate Chess Club, Askinosie Chocolate University and the Pipkin Pilot Newspaper.

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