Early Education Literacy in the High School Classroom

  • Project Cost: $314.91
  • Funded to Date: $50
  • Teacher Name: Courtney Dameron
  • School: Hillcrest High School
  • Grade Level: Family Consumer Science, Advanced Early Childhood- High School
  • Description:

    Advanced Early Childhood is a 2nd year course in Early Childhood that focuses on the preschool child. As a hands-on course, many materials are needed for students to apply and practice the skills they are learning. One such unit is Literacy in Early Childhood Education. Students analyze the importance of literacy at a young age and strategies to promote a love of books to emerging readers. Students learn how to use “read aloud” books in their future classrooms, strategies to engage young children and practice their skills. A collaboration with the Special Education Special Needs classrooms at Hillcrest has been formed to give AEC students a chance to try out their new skills and form relationships with new friends. Students can also use these strategies when interning at local preschools and elementary schools in the 3rd level Early Childhood course, FACS Internship.

  • Planned Use for Funds: These books will be used as a resource for students in the Advanced Early Childhood & FACS Internship courses. Students will study and practice the books to perform read aloud lessons for peers in the Special Needs classrooms at Hillcrest and also be able to use them at preschool/elementary school internship sites.
  • Need Represented: I currently have limited amounts of high quality, age appropriate read loud books for my students to use for this project. 20-25 books are being checked out from the Springfield Greene County Library each year for students to use that are checked out under my personal account. Because of this, students are not allowed to take the library books home to practice, since I am liable for possible damage or loss of the book. I am also not able to get all the books that I request since they are very popular books and not always readily available for checkout. For the 3rd level course, books have to be checked out again under my account or students have to find them themselves.
  • Academic Impact: With the purchase of these resources, my students will be able to choose from a large selection of high quality educational tools. They will have full access to take them home to study/practice and be able to use them at different sites. With the addition of being able to take them home, they will know their material better and perform a well rehearsed lesson for their peers and for the children at their internship sites. Without these resources, students may not have access to numerous books to choose from and be able to practice them as much as they wish.
  • Student Population: 3 groups of student populations in SPS are effected by this project:
    1. Hillcrest High School Advanced Early Childhood students. Many of these students are future teachers who have taken the course as an introduction to education. Many want to pursue Early Childhood Education as preschool or elementary teachers. These students do not have access to these books at their own homes to use for the project. They may also not have transportation to the Springfield Greene County library to checkout their own books.
    2. Hillcrest High School students in the Special Needs classrooms. This project is a collaboration between my students and the Special Education Department. Relationships are built with this population of students and inspires many AEC students to pursue degrees in Special Education.
    3. SPS Preschool and Elementary students. AEC students are sent out to various locations to intern at the 3rd level course in this pathway. With the purchase of these books, my students will be able to teach the lessons they have written, practiced in class and share them with THEIR students. Previously, they have not been able to do this since we do not always have access to these materials.

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