Do You Hygge?

  • Project Cost: $750
  • Funded to Date: $260
  • Teacher Name: Laura Mullins
  • School: Pershing Middle School
  • Grade Level: 6th Grade Math
  • Description:

    Hygge is a Danish concept that means comfort, togetherness, and well-being. In the classroom that means providing an atmosphere that is calming and welcoming. As a previous primary teacher, I have seen first hand the positive impact that a classroom environment that fosters warmth, community, and comfort can have on student learning. I have since made the transition to middle school, and what I learned about students this age was that they still long for that same environment! Recently, when I asked the students for feedback, there was an overwhelming request for items in the room that would make it feel cozier like home. They researched and submitted ideas that I have included in our grant proposal. This project is truly by the kids, for the kids!

  • Planned Use for Funds: The funds will be utilized to purchase items that will encourage a warm and collaborative classroom community that inspires students to engage in their learning.
  • Need Represented: The grant will impact 120 sixth grade students that attend a 60-year-old building that, although sufficient at the time, could never have imagined the learners' needs of today. While I can easily provide things like soft lighting, music, and natural elements to the room, providing updated seating options are quite costly, and are not something that the school is able to provide within our budget.
  • Academic Impact: Research has shown the influence of the physical classroom environment on student achievement. While some students learn best at traditional desks and chairs, many others find that they can focus better when sitting on a chair that allows movement or in a space that allows them to stretch out while they work or even standing. That is why having the availability of these items will allow students the freedom to choose seating that fits their learning style. Decreasing the physical distractions for these students allows them to increase their attentiveness to learning.
  • Student Population: Our school serves an ever-increasing variety of diverse learners with individual needs. Thirty-seven percent of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch rates. Students from 5 different elementary school merge into our sixth-grade classes.

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