Creating a Library Oasis

  • Project Cost: $538.83
  • Funded to Date: $85
  • Teacher Name: Nicki Foltz
  • School: Rountree Elementary School
  • Grade Level: K-5 - Library
  • Description:

    Rountree’s library is the hub and heart of our school. Our 255 students in grades K-5th grade, 25 staff members, and numerous community organizations use the library space to read, create, research, and collaborate. Our school PTA has raised enough capital funds to replace the library’s flooring this winter. The district is providing new paint and lounge furniture. We would love to add the requested items in this grant to soften the space and encourage a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

  • Planned Use for Funds: I plan to use the requested funds to purchase six throw pillows, twenty-four seat cushions, twelve curtains, and two peel and stick wall decals. These items will be used throughout the library to add comfort and warmth to the space. The throw pillows will be used on the lounge furniture and allow students to spread out and lay comfortably on the floor. The twenty four seat cushions will be used in our new pre-K-2 grade library area so that students have a comfortable spot to sit during library reading lessons and while they are reading with partners or independently. The curtains will be used to break up the white wall space as well as provide sound absorption. The two peel and stick wall decals will be used to provide permanent displays that will draw students into the different spaces in the library.
  • Need Represented: The new flooring, furniture, and paint will provide the library with a modern, updated look and feel that we can all take pride in. The need these funds will address is to make the new space more inviting and comfortable through the use of texture, color, and warmth. Our students need to improve their reading test scores and providing an adequate space and additional time for reading for pleasure will allow students to develop and improve reading skills.
  • Academic Impact: The academic impact will be to provide students with an aesthetically-pleasing and relaxing space that invites them to lounge and enjoy reading books. Students who feel comfortable and welcome will be more likely to choose and read additional books for a sustained period of time. Sustained reading sessions will help students improve upon existing comprehension skills, broaden vocabulary, and increase background knowledge which can lead to an increase in academic achievement in many areas.
  • Student Population: Rountree Elementary houses 255 students in grades K-5th grade. Forty-eight percent of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Our race/ethnicity breakdown includes Asian (3.56 percent), Black (10.28 percent), Hispanic (1.98 percent), and White (84.19 percent).

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