Correct the Sentence! Daily Journal

Correct the Sentence! Daily Journal

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    This journal will give students a wonderful opportunity to reinforce punctuation, capitalization, and grammar on a daily basis during class. These journals will help to ensure students’ understanding of sentence structure with skill-building activities for every day of the school year. This journal has daily level-appropriate sentences that contain grammatical errors. Students will rewrite each sentence correctly and build grammar skills day by day. This will also help to strengthen their fine motors skills and work on their handwriting in a meaningful way.

  • Need Represented: This journal will reinforce students English language arts skills. We do not have text books or workbooks in third grade. This means the teachers have to create ways for the students to practice these skills. This journal will be a great way to practice necessary skills needed in third grade in a quick, efficient way on a daily basis.
  • Academic Impact: This will greatly impact our students ability to do better in class and on MAP testing. Students will improve their writing and grammar skills. It will reinforce punctuation, capitalization, grammar and the understanding of sentence structure.
  • Student Population: Pittman Elementary School has around 283 students in grades PK, K-5. According to state test scores, 22% of students are at least proficient in math and 37% in reading. 64% of our students are on free and reduced lunch. This is a school who's demographics are changing and we need to supply better practice for our students to improve and stay on grade level.
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