FUNDED: Control the Chaos

FUNDED: Control the Chaos

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    In our kindergarten classroom my students sit at tables. I currently have different organization stations around my room to hold their math workbooks, writing journals, Integrated Units journals, etc. It is very difficult for many of my students to have their supplies at so many places around the room. This year I have been purchasing chair pockets from the Dollar Tree, and although they eliminate many of the organization problems and mess happening in our room, I have to replace them every month or two. These heavy duty pockets will last me for several years and contain our kindergarten chaos. 🙂

  • Need Represented: The chaos in my kindergarten classroom can be out of control at times because it is hard for students to find different supplies in different places. These chair pockets will contain our supplies into individual spots.
  • Academic Impact: This project will impact my student's academically because it will save us time during transitions so that we have more time for academics.
  • Student Population: I have 12 boys and 13 girls. I have over 50% that qualify for free and reduced lunch.
    52% white
    20% hispanic
    24% african american
    .08% Asian
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