Cones for Class Management

Cones for Class Management

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    One of the most important pieces of a Physical Education class is the floor marker. Physical Education teachers use cones, domes, poly spots, ropes, etc. to create boundaries for attendance, boundaries, various games, and multiple other uses throughout the school year. In addition to Physical Education class, floor markers are used for multiple activities around our building. We use these markers at almost every event that Carver hosts. From Athletics to picture day, our floor markers are used in order to remain as organized as possible.

  • Need Represented: The need represented will be the ability to organize, group, create boundaries, and direct our students and visitors on a day to day basis.
  • Academic Impact: These new cones and floor markers will help our students and our school be as organized as we possibly can. With floor markers it allows our students to social distance and know exactly where they need to stand during class. The color coding allows our students to visualize where they need to be and have no confusion on the directions. The floor markers will also be used during multiple events that are hosted by Carver. During these events organization is key and with new floor markers in various packages, it allows us to be prepared for any situation. The years coming we will all need ways to create boundaries with our students for various reasons, having multiple options to create those boundaries is key in the years to come.
  • Student Population: Carver currently has 750 6-8 graders with a Free and Reduced Lunch population of over 50%. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are some of the most diverse students in any Middle School in the city of Springfield. One thing our kids are great for, is taking care of our school and our equipment. We strive to take pride in Carver and what we have. Our students notice and appreciate the new things our building has to offer.
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