Community Integration/Employment Exploration

  • Project Cost: $539.10
  • Teacher Name: Angela Simpson
  • School: Cox South BASE
  • Grade Level: High School BASE students
  • Description:

    Springfield Public Schools Business Associated Student Education (BASE) is a program for Special Education high school students who wish to pursue high school credits while job shadowing in the community. Part of the program is to provide community experiences that our students would not be able to access outside of the school day. Because we are a small SPS program, with classrooms not located in an actual school building, all of our funding comes through generous donations or grants. By providing this particular experience, our students will gain knowledge about employment opportunities and will practice safety, social skills and communication skills while in the community.

  • Planned Use for Funds: Pick a Project Funds would be used to purchase tickets to Wonders of Wildlife, Springfield, MO.
  • Need Represented: Our program is a community based transition program that serves students that receive special education services and qualify for free and reduced lunch. These students do not typically have the financial means to be able to participate in these kinds of community experiences
  • Academic Impact: Students will experience possible employment opportunities.
    Students will practice appropriate social interactions.
    Students will make use of prior knowledge in navigating their environment safely.
    Students will utilize appropriate communication skills.
  • Student Population: Students attend the BASE program five days a week where they attend academic classes for part of the day and spend the other half of the day in job shadowing experiences. The purpose of this program is to develop job skills for special education students so that they are employable upon graduation.

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