Collapsible Classroom

Collapsible Classroom

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    Many lessons I like to do are inquiry based, and I love to have open space for students to build, design, create, and team up with others in order to make our learning hands-on and engaging. With a collapsible classroom, the students will use camping chairs that fold up so that we can easily move them from space to space (indoor/outdoor), make various groups for discussions, and arrange ourselves in whatever fashion is needed for the moment. Without having obstructions of bulky furniture that is harder to move, students will have more flexibility in how we utilize our classroom space based on the goals we have on our projects and tasks.

  • Need Represented: The need being represented is for flexible seating based on the projects that will be completed throughout the year.
  • Academic Impact: This project will impact my students by allowing them more freedom in the options they have available for working on their projects. When more space is needed for various activities that are either hands-on or kinesthetic, the space will be readily available as we can fold up our chairs to have an open classroom. In addition, if we would like to take our lessons to the outdoors or head out on a field trip, each student can bring their chair so that our "classroom" becomes any space that we're occupying!
  • Student Population: Field Elementary has a student population of 400 students K-5. There are typically three classrooms per grade level. Attendance is approximately 93.64%, 22% of the student population is with free/reduced lunch, and race/ethnicity stats at 83% White, 6% Hispanic, 4% Asian, while the other percentages include multiple races or other.
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