Fully Funded: Coin Counter

Fully Funded: Coin Counter

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    Holland could benefit from a coin counter. We just had a penny drive for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and got to count LOTS of coins! Since we are unable to take monies from our building to the coin counter at the bank, it would be a huge time-saver to have one to use here at Holland. The coin counter could be able to be used to any staff or teacher that would like to incorporate it into classroom lessons for students. This is a tool that Holland could use each year and save TONS of time counting change!

  • Need Represented: Time saver for fundraising. It can be a tool for math or science to help students understand and count money.
  • Academic Impact: Students can use this tool to help them count money and learn. This tool will most impact the staff who are in charge of coin counting for fundraisers. This tool will allow those staff time to do their regular duties, count money accurately and quickly. This tool would be an amazing benefit to us at Holland!
  • Student Population: Holland has about 275 students. We serve the deaf and hard of hearing population and have a diverse student population.
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