Central High School Step Team

Central High School Step Team

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    Central High School Step Team is up and coming, and this school year, we have the opportunity to attend and compete in a couple of step competitions. Because of this, we are looking for funding to help us get there.

  • Need Represented: Travel expenses
  • Academic Impact: First, students will be able to spend time around like-minded people who enjoy step the way that they enjoy step. Second, every trip outside of Springfield we take, I would like to take the team on college visits at local campuses. This will help expand their world.
  • Student Population: The Central Step Team is probably one of the most diverse teams at Central. There are students who are from very different socioeconomic backgrounds, students who step is their only activity, students who are involved in multiple activities, students who are in honors, AP, and diploma courses, and students who are of different ethnicities.
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