Calm Down Boxes

Calm Down Boxes

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    Holland is learning about the benefits of Conscience Discipline to help our students learn to self-regulate. We are needing to have 20 Calm Down boxes throughout our building. There will be a Calm Down box in each of our 12 classrooms, every specialty room, the speech room, the SPED room, the DHH room, the counselor’s office, the principal’s office, and the Community Liaison’s office. We are needing to have a Calm Down box in a variety of spaces throughout our school building so our students can have continuity while learning how to better control emotions and self-regulate.

  • Need Represented: The need that is being represented by this request is the need our students have with not being able to calm down and self-regulate when their emotions are high.
  • Academic Impact: This project will impact our students in a positive way. Having the tools and resources available to them to calm down and to self-regulate will help them have better self-control. This project may also help our students be a positive leader in their classroom, remain in the classroom more & hopefully get higher grades, and this could help our students gain self confidence learning tools to help them calm down and regulate their emotions.
  • Student Population: Holland has 247 students. We are a sweet neighborhood school that also serves the deaf and hard of hearing population of students. We are a title one school and are starting to learn more about Conscience Discipline to better help our students and staff.
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