Business Opportunities in the World of Fashion Embroidery

  • Project Cost: $627.90 Fully Funded!!
  • Funded to Date: $627.90
  • Online Until: April 11, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Becky Cox
  • School: Kickapoo High School
  • Grade Level: 9-12/Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Description:

    Students in the Kickapoo Fashion Construction and Merchandising classes will have the opportunity to make products and sell them to their peers using an embroidery machine. Since many garments the public buys are customized with names, sports teams, job titles, etc. this will be a useful tool for them to learn how to use and implement into a successful school business. Students in the merchandising class will learn how to successfully plan, market, produce and keep track of expenses/labor for a custom embroidery business.

  • Planned Use for Funds: Students will utilize the new embroidery machine to design products that will be sold to students/staff/parents that will be school spirit themed. They will use the thread and stabilizer to make the design and store the thread on the rack in the classroom.
  • Need Represented: Currently the Kickapoo High School FACS department does not own an embroidery machine, so this would be a great improvement to the technology available to our students. We have sewing machines and sergers, but there has not been room in the budget to afford an embroidery machine. Other high schools have been able to obtain machines through various programs (outside of the district budget), so this will help level the playing field.
  • Academic Impact: Students will learn important skills in entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, production, quality control, and customer service. They will interact with customers to make products, keep track of expenses, labor cost, production quality, and develop business leadership skills. By making products that they see other people wear it will develop a sense of pride in their work.
  • Student Population: The student population that will use this equipment will be in grades 9-12 that have demonstrated an interest in the field of fashion construction and/or merchandising. Kickapoo High School has a student population of 88% Caucasian and 12% Minority, with 49% female and 51% male makeup. There is a 22% free and reduced lunch rate. (Statistics taken from

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