Bright Ideas for the Future

  • Project Cost: $998.50
  • Funded to Date: $0.00
  • Online Until: January 25, 2018
  • Teacher Name: Lynn Coffey
  • School: Kickapoo High School
  • Grade Level: 9-12
  • Description:

    The Bright Ideas for the Future, Capstone presentation night is a showcase for our senior students in our Kickapoo University Program. These students are required to have a real life Internship followed up by a Capstone course. The work in this capstone course is research based. It focuses on their career and a real life problem they might face in that career. The Capstone presentations are based on each students internship experience, the future job outlook on their career path, and a project based learning experience they were able to come up with while on the job. Their research must be based on this real-life problem and what they could to to solve the problem. The top eight will do a formal presentation on stage along with the rest of the students who will all have a gallery walkthrough of their posterboard presentations.

  • Planned Use for Funds: Monies will be used for supplies for the student presentations, as well as food for the reception that will follow.
  • Need Represented: We do not have a budget with our Kickapoo U program and therefore must raise all monies to support this choice program.
  • Academic Impact: This night is a showcase night where several local college and university dignitaries will be in attendance. These students will be vying for scholarship monies or any additional help those in attendance might be able to give. Parents, community members, school board members, our junior students, and many others will be invited. This night is an accumulation of 4 years of work through our choice program, Kickapoo University.
  • Student Population: There are 50 senior students that will be presenting on this night as well as 96 juniors that will be invited. Kickapoo University currently has 520 participants and our school population is 1820.
  • Items in this Project:

    Reception Food and Drinks: $350
    Senior medallions for graduation = $3.99 x 50: $199.50
    Senior portfolios = $8.98 x 50: $449.00


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