Bounce, Wiggle, & Shake Motor Lab

  • Project Cost: $362.04
  • Teacher Name: Emily Keffer
  • School: Bowerman Elementary
  • Grade Level: Kindergarten
  • Description:

    This past year, kindergarten and first grade classes have incorporated motor lab time into our weekly schedule. A motor lab is designed to stimulate and develop the sensory skills necessary for learning readiness and academic success. We complete nine stations, each two minutes long, twice a week. We pair stations with academic activities such as identifying letters, counting numbers, spelling words, writing, and so much more. The stations completed are motor based and help students maneuver and function in the environment around them.

  • Planned Use for Funds: These funds will be used to purchase items that we can incorporate into different stations within our motor lab.
  • Need Represented: We have noticed several of our young students coming into school struggling to cross the midline, stand on one foot, grasp a pencil, sit still, etc. They are lacking the proper sensory system skills in order to perform academically. By creating a motor lab, our students are able to practice the skills that they need (crossing the midline, grasping, balancing, etc.) twice a week.
  • Academic Impact: Movement is a part of learning. Crossing the midline is key in order to learn how to read left to right, just like a firm grasp on a pencil assists students in handwriting. We speak, gesture, walk, sit, read, and write in the classroom every day. All of those skills require movement. Motor lab aims to help students develop and strengthen these skills while pairing them with academics. For example, students can jump on a trampoline while tapping the letters of their name on a board in front of them, string ABC or number beads onto a pipe cleaner, or toss a ball back and forth while counting their numbers. The possibilities are endless.
  • Student Population: Bowerman is a K-5, Title 1 School where approximately 85% of our students receive free or reduced lunch. Our motor lab serves about 80 students in kindergarten and first grade with the goal of serving students in all grades.

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