Books can GUIDE magical reading!

Books can GUIDE magical reading!

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    Guided Reading is a critical part of every school day in every classroom at McBride. In order to develop and grow a love for reading within each student, classroom teachers need to engaging and current books to put in the hands of students. Families just aren’t buying books as much as they used to in this digital age. A 2nd grader recently asked, “Can we get the brand new Unicorn Diaries book for our group to read?” Fortunately Scholastic Book Clubs offers special offers to teachers buying sets of books, so that makes acquiring and sharing new titles more affordable.

  • Need Represented: The need represented is the lack of current and popular books desired by students. Classic books still have their place in classroom instruction, but students are more motivated by the latest titles.
  • Academic Impact: This project will directly impact the second grade students' of McBride Elementary reading level. Increased reading levels lead to academic success across all areas.
  • Student Population: There are 86 second graders at McBride Elementary. We have 48 boys and 38 girls. We have 21 exceptional students in our grade level this year. Our reading levels range from independent reading level (DRA2) 2 up to independent reading level 80! We have 16 students eligible for free and reduced lunch in our grade level.
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