Black and White Photo Club

  • Project Cost: $500
  • Teacher Name: Jeff Drybread
  • School: Jarrett Middle School
  • Grade Level: Sixth Grade Social Studies
  • Description:

    I have started a photography club that focuses on using 35mm black and white film. The students who are involved have really showed an interest in how a 35mm camera works, how black and white film offers a contrasting style to color film, and it gives them a new appreciation to not only photography, but how they see things that are around them. We will eventually explore how the steps in how to develop their own pictures in a darkroom using the right chemicals and equipment.

  • Planned Use for Funds: I plan to use any funds raised to buy additional cameras (used in good to excellent condition). Prices will vary but on average they can be about $60 per for a good working camera. I will also use additional funds for the purchase of black and white film. This type of film is more expensive than color. With the students who are already in the club, film will be a priority so that they can continue to practice taking pictures, getting the right angles, lighting, etc. Eventually, funds will be used to purchase various developing chemicals so that later in the year we can practice developing our own film instead of taking into a lab for development.
  • Need Represented: The need that is being represented is one that most students don't know the processes to black and white photography and its a skill/art that is slowly fading away if we don't keep it in students mindset.
  • Academic Impact: I hope that students will develop a new interest in the visual arts by partaking in this photography club and that they will eventually walk away with new skills in how different equipment works. My hope is that maybe by seeing how things work they will find they have a new skill or talent that they will continue to develop and use in life that maybe will lead to a future endeavor or career path.
  • Student Population: So far, members of the club are mainly sixth grade girls with a few sixth grade boys, but this club is open to all grade levels (6-8) and genders. My hope is that once certain athletic seasons are over, more upper middle school students will join the club.

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