Basic Flight Dynamics Principles & Procedures- FULLY FUNDED!!

  • Project Cost: $150.00
  • Funded to Date: $150.00
  • Teacher Name: Lalea G Lazar
  • School: Bingham Elementary
  • Grade Level: Kindergarten through 5th Grade/Technology & Computers.
  • Description:

    I would like to purchase Drones and a Radio Controlled Helicopter for Bingham Elementary School to help spark the students interest in the Flight Sciences and Technology. I am currently introducing Basic Flight Dynamics Principles and Procedures, to the Bingham Elementary Students through their classroom Technology course. The Drones would help support their Learning Goals and Career Interests through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), the Technology Curriculum, District Club Encore, and various PBL Projects.
    I was an Aeronautical Engineer for several years before becoming a classroom teacher. I have a passion for flying, designing and building things, and would like to support the Bingham Elementary Students interests and imagination.

  • Planned Use for Funds: I will be purchasing a pair of Small Drones, One Medium sized Drone, and a Radio Controlled Helicopter, to support the Bingham Elementary Students in their understanding of Basic Flight Dynamics Principles and Procedures. This emerging Technology has now become more affordable and accessible.
  • Need Represented: I am introducing Basic Flight Principles and Procedures, to the students during their Technology Classroom, and Maker Space Class Time.
    Ozarks Community College now has a successful Flight Training Program due to the National Pilot Shortage. There is a great need to introduce students to the world of Flight for future Career and College Readiness Programs.
  • Academic Impact: I want to inspire the Bingham Elementary Students to investigate the different areas of Flight Dynamics and Principles. The students will be introduced to the Basic Aerodynamic Forces of Flight, Static and Dynamic Aircraft Stability, Flight Theory, Thrust Principles, Weight and Balance, Bernoulli's Principle, and Explore Aviation Careers and Occupations.
  • Student Population: It is important to bring great learning opportunities to the Bingham Elementary School Students. They don’t always have the chance to experience what other students do in nearby area schools. Bingham Elementary is a Title 1 School. Bingham Elementary has great students that are always eager, and willing to learn new things.

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