6th Grade Piano Upgrade

6th Grade Piano Upgrade

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    I am requesting funds in order to upgrade the pianos I use with my 6th grade class. The current keyboards are old, outdated and many have broken keys, displays or headphone jacks.

  • Need Represented: 1. The current keyboards that we have are over 10 years old which means the instruments are starting to break down. Power cables are breaking, displays are not functioning and the headphone jacks are also becoming inoperable on many small pianos. This also means that I do not have enough pianos for all students.
    2. The key action is not suitable for this age of students. The keys are too sensitive and small that a student will often play more than one key which leads to increased frustration and decrease in motivation to attempt to play.
  • Academic Impact: There is scientific proof that playing piano helps kids in different subjects because it activates different parts of the brain. I have also had multiple students, who having been introduced to piano in my class, have sought out private lessons to continue.
  • Student Population: Wilson's Creek 5-6 Intermediate School opened in 2005. The school is located in the southwestern section of Greene County. The 5-6 intermediate school was designed to relieve the over-crowding at Harrison, McBride and Wanda Gray elementary schools. Students from those schools move to Wilson's Creek for fifth and sixth grade and then transition to Cherokee Middle School for seventh and eighth grades.
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