2021 Parkview Project Graduation

2021 Parkview Project Graduation

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    Project graduation is an annual graduation party to celebrate the culmination of a student’s 12 years of school. This way, every senior has a graduation party to attend with activities and prizes. This drug and alcohol-free event provides an experience that all seniors can be together to celebrate.

  • Need Represented: This project will help Parkview provide a safe celebration after graduation. Fundraising has been hit hard through this pandemic and limits opportunities. In May, these hard working students still deserve a wonderful project graduation with adequate food, activities and prizes.
  • Academic Impact: Interest and expectations of this project will help motivate students attendance and ultimately keep them on track to graduate.
  • Student Population: Parkview has a student population of approximately 1470. We are expecting over 350 graduates this year. Due to our high free and reduced rates we strive to make students feel like this is a true celebration of their accomplishments.
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