Foundation awards SPS nearly $240K in grants

The following are the top 10 projects receiving funding, and the applicants, ranked by dollar amount:
•    Glendale High School, librarian Nicole Bueno, $10,400 modern learning environment grant, 1,400 students impacted;
•    Kickapoo High School, $10,000 college and career readiness coordinator Lynn Coffey, student experience grant, 467 students impacted;
•    Bissett Elementary School, principal Marcie Stallcup, $8,172 modern learning environment grant, 280 students impacted;
•    Pipkin Middle School, history teacher Deb Fine, $7,500 modern learning environment grant, 2,000 students impacted;
•    Fremont Elementary School, teacher Ashley Horton, $6,023 modern learning environment grant, 150 students impacted;
•    Sherwood Elementary School, music teacher Vicki Bunn, $5,799 classroom projects grant, 550 students impacted;
•    Pipkin Middle School, teacher Julia Armstrong, $5,136 student experience grant, 250 students impacted;
•    Hickory Hills Elementary School, teacher DeeDee Harris, $5,074 classroom projects grant, 450 students impacted;
•    Sequiota Elementary School, teacher Michelle Slominsky, $2,058 classroom projects grant, 35 students impacted; and
•    Kickapoo High School, teacher and Chief TV media director Kyle Loudis, $5,000 modern learning environment grant, 210 students impacted.

Fundraising is underway for the 2018 – 2019 Foundation for SPS Back to School Grant Program!

June 11, 2018 – You can help Springfield Public Schools (SPS) teachers make wonderful things happen in their classrooms by supporting Back to School grants! Teachers will be submitting Back to School grant applications until June 14, 2018, in four different grant categories: Student Experience Grants (field trips), Classroom Projects, Modern Learning Environment and Community Engagement.

“Back to School grants make a huge impact in SPS classrooms and allow teacher to create and carry out innovative projects that wouldn’t be possible without the help of our donors,” said Natalie Murdock, Executive Director of the Foundation.”Teachers have the opportunity to explore their imaginations, then bring innovative learning to their classrooms and inspire the minds of their students with STEM and STEAM programs, arts projects, gardens that benefit student’s science instruction and help bring fresh food to their tables, and so much more.”

In 2017-2018, Foundation for SPS Back to School grants funded more than 95, teacher requested, SPS classroom projects through raising more than $276,000 from community partners and donors for the much-needed program.

Kum & Go kicked off this year’s Back to School grant fundraising season by presenting a check to the Foundation for SPS for $7,030.13 on May 10, 2018. The generous donation to the Back to School program was generated by the Ninth Annual Kum & Go Gallons for Growth fundraiser, held on April 19, to benefit Back to School grants. Three cents for every gallon of gas pumped at Springfield locations and $5 for every new, Springfield &Rewards member added up to one of the highest Gallons for Growth totals in the history of the nine-year event.

“We truly appreciate Kum & Go’s support of Back to School grants.,” said Murdock. “Everyone, individuals and businesses, can make a positive difference by giving to Back to School grants. Whether it’s a five dollar donation or a $5,000 donation it all counts and will make Back to School Grant Delivery Day check presentations to teachers, on Thursday, September 13 possible.”

To make a donation to Back to School grants online visit the Foundation for SPS website at You may also mail a check to the Foundation for SPS, 1131 Boonville, Springfield MO 65802. For more information on donating to Back to School or other questions about the Foundation for SPS call the office at 417.523.0144.


Foundation for Springfield Public Schools awards $276,869 in Back to School grants to Springfield Schools

Sept. 7, 2017, – Back to School grant check, delivery day is the best day of the year at the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools, especially for Foundation volunteers and grant recipients. “It’s our own surprise, ‘prize patrol’ event, that creates excitement and long-lasting benefits for student’s education,” said Foundation Executive Director, Natalie Murdock.

Nearly 50, Foundation volunteers fanned out to 41, Springfield Public Schools (SPS) to make more than 80, surprise deliveries to teachers, librarians and principals on Thursday, September 7. Ten Reading Roundup grants were also awarded earlier, on August, 24, to grant recipients. All totaled, volunteers presented $276,869 to Springfield Schools from the Foundation’s Back to School grants program. 

“We are so pleased to have significantly exceeded our fundraising goal of $250,000. Doing so, enabled us to fund even more of the much-needed, innovative, Back to School grant projects, requested by our dedicated, SPS teachers and principals, across the district. The money awarded today will impact so many students.” said Foundation President-Elect Marc Mayer. “This year grants were awarded in the categories of student experience, modern learning environment, classroom projects, community engagement, professional development and Reading Roundup. Through each of the six categories teachers and librarians were rewarded for their efforts to support their student’s academic achievements. Each of those individuals go above and beyond the call of duty to seek additional funding for their projects and we applaud their efforts.”

The Back to School grant program is made possible by generous donations from community members, businesses and individuals. Foundation Executive Director, Natalie Murdock said, “The Back to School program is the heart and soul of the Foundation. It provides resources that make an impact on thousands of students across our district. Through the financial support of so many generous donors, grant day is made possible.”

Since the Foundation’s inception over 25 years ago, it has provided classroom and school grants to teachers and principals. The Back to School program has grown and evolved over the years and continues to positively impact thousands of teachers and students throughout the district.

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