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2019 Back to School grant applications are in & fundraising is underway!

Give Back to School Day, Tuesday, August 17!

June 24, 2019 – “We are so excited to kick off the 2019 Back to School grant program!’ said Pamela Anderson, Director of Development for the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools (FSPS). “This will be another banner year for engaging our community and donors in helping to make wonderful things happen in our SPS classrooms.”

Last year, donors to the FSPS contributed more than $240,000 to fund over 80 Back to School grants submitted by SPS teachers and educators for a wide-variety of classroom projects including STEM, arts, literacy, robotics and much more! Grant checks were presented to recipient SPS teachers in their classrooms on Grant Delivery Day, September 13, 2018.

“Getting a Back to School grant is so exciting!”  “Yay, Yay, Yay!”  “Thank you so much! We’re so grateful for your support!” – Those were just a few of the happy proclamations from teachers who were awarded grants last year.

Fundraising kicks-off 

Kum & Go officially jump-started Back to School Grant Program fundraising with their big check presentation from the 10th Annual Gallons for Growth fundraiser  to the Foundation for SPS on May 24, 2019. The $5,500 check will go to help fund this year’s Back to School grant requests from SPS teachers and educators!

“We are so thankful to have the support of Kum & Go for the Back to School grant program! They have made it possible for our students to have engaging, innovative learning experiences in their classrooms – and beyond the walls of their classrooms – hands-on learning experiences that wouldn’t have happened without Kum & Go’s support.” said Anderson.”Any donation to Back to School grants is important, whether it’s $5 or $50 or more. It all adds up! We appreciate all donations and all financial support given to the Back to School program is tax-deductible.”

Give Back to School Day is Tuesday, August 27! 

What: Give Back to School Day

When: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 – 24-hours! 

Where: Give online at www.supportsps.org/donate

It’s the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools first-ever “Give Back to School Day!” A day to highlight the Back to School grant program and encourage giving to support Back to School grant projects!

Donors will have the option to go online to www.supportsps.org/donate to donate to the overall program or select a specific school for their donation to go to. For school specific donations, the dollars will go directly to fund that school’s Back to School grant or grants. If that school hasn’t applied for a Back to School grant, the money will still go to the school to help fill their gaps in learning resources.

Grant applications are in, ranking them is next  

2019 Back to School grants have been submitted by SPS teachers and educators – more than 160 have been received – for classroom projects, student experiences, community engagement projects and modern learning environment needs. Next, those grants will be reviewed by the Foundation for SPS allocations committees, comprised of Foundation board members and volunteers. They will carefully review each grant submitted using a set of established criteria.

Why it’s important to support Back to School grants

Without the funding supplied by donors to the Back to School grant program, those 80, innovative classroom projects funded in 2018 simply wouldn’t have happened. That is where the Foundation for SPS and its many donors come in, to ensure that teachers get the resources they need to make creative, hands-on learning experiences come to life.

Tuesday, September 17, is Grant Delivery Day! 

Tuesday, Sept. 17, will be our “most exciting day of the year” Back to School Grant Delivery Day! Volunteers will gather at the Foundation for SPS office on Boonville to get their grant check delivery assignments, see the big check presentation to Springfield Public Schools, then go out to schools across the SPS District to make surprise check deliveries to grant recipient teachers in their classrooms. Donors to Back to School grants are encouraged and invited to join in the fun and help with check deliveries!

“Being part of Back to School Grant Delivery Day is so much fun for me as a donor,” said FSPS board member Kathy McIntyre “Seeing the smiles and excitement of the teachers and students is so heart moving and rewarding. I know that we’re making a positive difference in student’s lives!”

You can help. Make your tax-deductible donation to Back to School grants today! 

For more information on the Foundation for SPS, the Back to School grant program or any other questions, please contact call the Foundation office at 417.523.0144.


Here’s a sampling of the Back to School grant success stories from 2018:

“Collaboration Space for All” – Written by SPS Teachers Heather Youngblood, Cary Sikes, Megan Bryant – Wanda Gray Elementary

The purpose of this grant was to provide a space for collaboration for students and teachers. Students and teachers have enjoyed using this collaborative space this year! Each grade has used the space for collaboration and STEAM activities. This grant has been a great success and all stakeholders seem to love the new space. It’s a favorite place in our school and everyone is benefiting from this grant.



“Can You Hear Me Now?” – Written by SPS Teacher Susan Mann – Parkview High School

Our objective was to purchase speakers for each of our four, mobile flat screen monitors as well as a corded microphone that students could use for presenting. The mobile flat screen units have made it possible for smalls student groups to work collaboratively. Students can log in with a Chromebit keyboard. The speakers and microphones have made these units perfect for professional presentations for Parkview Leadership School candidates and those participating in other academic endeavors. This grant was certainly a success, but the usefulness of the materials purchased will gain even greater worth each year that students have access to these resources!


Parkview Student Testimonials – “It’s actually helpful to those in the audience who might be hard of hearing. Also, speakers don’t have to ruin their voices when they’re nervous anyway.” – Rowan. “This is so cool. I can hear myself, and I want everyone to hear me. Can you hear me? I should have a microphone all the time. Jamilah. “Our presentation had sound and it was nice to know that we had the equipment available to make us look prepared and professional.” – Lauren.


“Pirates in the Outdoors” – Written by Teacher Malinda Little – Pipkin Middle School

The first objective of the Pirates In the Outdoors grant is to increase student engagement. The second is to provide students with a unique, enjoyable and valuable learning experience. The objectives of the grant were achieved! Many of our students stated that fishing was the best experience they had in 8th grade. The students were 100% engaged during the field trip. 100% of the students on the trip rated the experience as valuable and enjoyable!

The grant was a success! The students were highly engaged and motivated the entire trip. Many of our students stated that fishing was the best field trip they had ever been on. The students worked as a team to help one another manage their poles and the fish they caught. They were able to analyze and collect data in a real world environment. We had a fantastic trip! The Missouri Department of Conservation surprised each student with their own fishing pole at the end of the trip and were on site to assist with fishing. Our BIG thanks to Bass Pro Shops for funding our fishing grant and making this wonderful learning experience in the outdoors possible!

Pipkin Student Testimonials – “I will remember casting a rod out. I had a ton of fun and caught two fish! The fishing trip will remind me that you can always try something new and succeed despite never doing it before.” – Lillian. “The impact on me was seeing all the different wildlife in the ecosystem. How we take for granted and how we need to appreciate the wildlife. It helped me to realize how amazing nature can be.”  – Alex. “The thing I’ll remember most is how to hook a worm and catching my first fish!” – Sean.