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Putting the Pieces Together 

 Project Cost: $1,000

 Funded to Date: $50.00

 Online Until:  May 15, 2017

 Teacher Name: Jaclyn Hill

 School: Hillcrest High School

 Grade Level: 9th Grade


Description: In an effort in orient incoming 9th graders to the Hillcrest High School culture and offered programs, we hope to provide an experience that encourages excitement and knowledge about attending Hillcrest. Another positive outcome of providing this experience on our campus is to unite the students from Reed Middle School and Pleasant View Middle School as one class.

Planned Use for Funds: Funds will be used to transport the 8th graders from Reed and Pleasant View to Hillcrest for one morning in the fall. Funds would also cover additional expenses that would help make this experience positive (prizes, banners, giveaways, etc...)

Need Represented: The need represented in our request is to provide incoming 9th graders the opportunity to experience the Hillcrest culture firsthand. This would be accomplished by the participation of other current Hillcrest students, programs and leaders.

Academic Impact: The academic achievement of our students will be impacted in a positive way because they will know of the opportunities available to them at Hillcrest. In addition, students will be able to identify individuals in our building who can help guide them toward success.

Student Population: Our feeder Middle schools has a large population of low income families, many families are single parent homes. Most of these students are unable to attend functions during the evening due to not having transportation. By offering this event during the day and providing transportation will give all of the students the opportunity to attend.

Items in this project: 

1)Bus transportation to and from Reed and Pleasant View for all incoming 9th graders.
2)Hillcrest apparel, prizes and promotional/marketing items.

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