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Jarrett Logo Project Cost: $858.00

 Funded to Date: $200.00 

 Online Until:  April 17, 2017

 Teacher Name: Maxcy Dimmick

 School: Jarrett Middle School

 Grade Level: Gateway to Technology/6-8


DescriptionUsing Raspberry Pi processors and peripherals, students will learn how to program and configure hardware and software so that they can send messages in code, analyze, collect, and display weather data, and create games and puzzles.

Planned Use for FundsI plan to by 6 each of Raspberry Pi 3 processor kits, cameras, sense hats, and storage cards. My prices are from

Need RepresentedSpringfield, MO, has more programming and IT jobs than it can fill. Students need to be exposed to programming at an early age in an engaging way so that they can visualize themselves in a programming career.

Academic ImpactStudents will use reasoning skills, collaboration skills, and creativity to produce their own unique solutions to real-world problems.

Student Population: The student population at Jarrett is 6-8 grade students with approximately 70% free and reduced lunch and approximately 20-25% minority students.

Items in this project

6 Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Basic Starter Kits, $50.00 each
6 32 gigabyte storage cards, $13.00 each
6 Raspberry Pi Cameras, $40.00 each
6 Raspberry Pi Sense Hats, $40.00 each

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