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Developmentally Appropriate Gross Motor Equipment 

Project Cost: $1,000.00

 Funded to Date: $671.00

 Online Until:  April 17, 2017

 Teacher Name: Barbara Ruggeri

 School: McBride Elementary

 Grade Level: ECSE


DescriptionThis project will provide Early Childhood Special Education students and McBride elementary students with play equipment that is specific to the needs and size of the student. There are two ECSE classrooms that are extremely fortunate to be in one of our districts elementary buildings. These classrooms are provided the provision of special education in the least restrictive environment and they are completely accepted by an exemplary principal; Lael Streight. Ms. Streight completely supports this project. In addition to benefiting our earliest learners the equipment will be completely accessible to any student with different abilities. Our exceptional school is one of the few buildings that provides inclusion for a classroom of students with more intensive needs. Students and employees at our school are accepting and deserving of this type of funding not found many places. Your support and generosity is never without notice. I thank you for my students who are not yet able to express their appreciation.

Planned Use for Funds: Your generous gift will provide a play structure which is developmentally appropriate for our youngest learners (ages 3 to 5 years). In addition to our ECSE students any child with a different type of ability in our elementary school will have access to this structure. Currently students in the LRE and provided the provision of Special ed. inclusion, may not have access to safe and accessible play equipment. As with any elementary building gross motor equipment and playground equipment is utilized by children ages Pre-k to grade 4. During "recess" pre-k may have to share outdoor time with 1st and 2nd graders. This presents a safety issue for our students with concerns in mobility. Research shows that increasing a child's "outdoor" and gross motor time also increases a child's ability to focus on academics. The research concludes that more not less opportunities become available for students in early years.

Need RepresentedThis request will provide the need for developmentally appropriate structures and safety for young learners in their least restrictive environment.

Academic ImpactThe relation between motor skills and academic achievement has been especially investigated in children with atypical development. All children need a range of skills to transition successfully to formal schooling, In early childhood classrooms children must master their fine and gross motor skills. Evidence exists that links motor skills to school outcomes. The three sets of cognitive processes-motor coordination, executive function and visual spatial skills are all tapped by motor skills. Motor skills are also linked to children's self-regulation and emergent literacy and math.

Student Population: With 2 ECSE classroom we serve a total of 40 students. Our children include students with an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and integrated peers. Our general percentage of students with identified areas of concern and integrated peers is typically 60% (IEP students) and 40% (integrated peers).

Items in this project

A play structure with swings, and age appropriate stairs to encourage gross and fine motor development.

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