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 Project Cost: $945.00

 Funded to Date: $100.00

 Online Until:  March 31, 2017

 Teacher Name: Teresa Brierly

 School: Carver Middle School

 Grade Level: Vocal Music 6-8

DescriptionOur Piano lab at Carver is in desperate need of some work. We need to add some smaller tables and take out larger ones for students to be able to move around with more ease and add a Ukulele hanging rack for our Ukulele's for easy access for students.

Planned Use for FundsThe funds will go towards buying the supplies to make a Hanging Ukulele Rack and for purchasing tables that work better in our crowded Piano lab. This Classroom is used for three different types of classes and having more space would be beneficial for the students.


 Need RepresentedThe room is over crowded with large tables and chairs. Smaller, thinner tables would allow for them to be moved easier to allow for some of our handicapped students to move with ease. It will also allow our Ukulele students to move more freely without tripping or falling over furniture.

Our Ukulele's currently are stored in their original cardboard box and they are falling apart, so adequate storage is needed for them to protect from any damage that could be occurring.

Academic ImpactEasy access to the Ukulele's will allow for more in class learning time. Currently, students have to get them out of metal storage cabinet, take them out of wrapper and cardboard box, then we have to tune them every time. A hanging wall unit would allow for ease of putting away and getting out and keep them from going out of tune as fast allowing for more time to learn and play. The smaller tables will allow for a more comfortable learning environment.

Student Population: Our free and reduced population is currently around 60% and we have a large ELL population of over 20%. Very diverse class rooms which leads to a more open minded learning experience.

Items in this project

Wood - $25
Wall Hooks - $70
Fabric - $10
Utility Tables - 14 @ $60= $840

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